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can you buy topamax over the counter in ukWhy Should You Be Happy About the Housing Market Right Now? – A new year always ushers in optimism. Watching the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve is like watching all of your troubles “drop” away, and instead, you get to turn to a new page on your calendar that’s full of new possibilities. But why should you be convinced that 2013 is full of new possibilities about America’s housing market?

1.  Builders are happy
Construction companies aren’t going to open up their wallets, roll up their sleeves, and get to work unless they think there’s a really good chance that people are going to come along and buy the finished product. So, the fact that builders are going out, applying for permits, and breaking ground on new homes is a very big deal. It’s proof that they have done their homework, assessed the market, and figured that things are healthy enough that hungry buyers are waiting for the end product.
As a matter of fact, buyers haven’t been this happy about the state of America’s housing market since May of 2006!

2.  There are numbers to back up the talk
If you’re a little skeptical of everyone telling you that the housing market is getting better, that’s OK. Instead of just taking people’s word for it, take a look at the numbers! The number of home sales around the country was 2.1% higher in October than it was in September. When you compare October 2012 to October 2011, the increase is a whopping 10.9%!
But why are we using October numbers?
If the inner-skeptic in you is curious about the October references, that’s OK. There’s a perfectly legitimate reason. Typically, home sales during November and December aren’t a true measure of the housing market because so many people are focused on the holiday season, instead of buying and selling homes. So, in order to give you the most accurate information, we decided to use October’s numbers. (But, just for the record, November and December’s sales numbers weren’t completely down in the dumps. In fact, many areas actually saw bidding wars!)

3.  Inventory is low
This might not seem like reason to celebrate at first, but let us explain! Although low inventory isn’t something that you see in a healthy housing market, it’s something that can give America’s market a boost in the short-term.
It’s a case of basic supply and demand. If you have fewer homes for sale – but still have plenty of hungry buyers – those buyers will be willing to pay more in order to land their dream home. That means the low inventory will be directly responsible for increasing selling prices. Then, as homeowners see that prices are going up, they’ll be more open to listing their own homes for sale. See how that cycle works?

4.  Two big incentives are still in place
In addition to the three strides we’ve already talked about, there are two big incentives that are still in place – high rental prices and low mortgage rates.
Since landlords don’t seem to have any plans to dramatically lower their prices anytime soon, many renters are looking for a more cost-effective solution. And, thanks to the low inventory/price increase cycle, those renters can see that their home purchase will actually gain value immediately – something that hasn’t been the case in awhile. And, since mortgage rates are still so low, it gives potential buyers a strong incentive to move forward – before those rates go back up.

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