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can you buy topamax over the counter in ukThe housing market’s slow road to recovery is expected to continue in 2013. After the crash of 2007, it’s taken some time for buyers to regain their confidence. Yet many experts are optimistic about the prospects this year for both buyers and sellers, as property prices rebound and demand for homes increases. Although growth is forecasted, it’s important to note that this growth will come slowly. Homeowners may be able to find buyers, but they will have to ensure that their house is priced right, as supply still outstrips demand. Low housing prices and interest rates continue to make this a buyer’s market.

Housing Prices

Home prices started to recover last year, and this trend is expected to continue in 2013. The average homeowner can expect to see the property of their value rise, at a forecasted rate of 5%. Although this gain may be modest, it could be enough to encourage buyers to jump in and purchase a home before prices rise any higher. The Mortgage Bankers Association predicts that new home loan applications will increase 55% this year. This could also make homeowners more confident in their ability to make a sale, further boosting the market.

Mortgage Rates

Another factor that could boost home sales this year is the continuance of low mortgage rates. The Federal Reserve has kept these interest rates at record lows for the past few years, and has no plans to significantly raise them in 2013. The bank has stated that short-term interest rates will not be raised until the national unemployment rate falls below 6.5%, in an effort to stimulate the economy. For those who qualify for a loan with today’s strict lending standards, it’s possible to lock in low rates between 3-4% this year.

Rental Properties

Rents have risen in the past few years, making owning a rental property quite profitable. Although the average rent prices are not expected to increase dramatically in most cities, landlords should still see a steady profit. The vacancy rate for rental properties is normally set at 7%, but this went up to 11% a after the housing crash. This has more recently gone down to 8.6%, indicating that the rental market is stabilizing.

Investment Abroad

An aging population looking for affordable places to retire and a global fall in housing prices may both contribute to the increase in homeowners choosing to invest in property abroad. Although only 350,000 American retirees were receiving Social Security benefits in countries outside of the US according to the most recent report, this number is expected to rise significantly in the year to come. A survey conducted by Travel Market Report showed that 3.3 million Americans are planning on retiring abroad. It’s not only retirees who are looking tocan you buy topamax over the counter in spain in Central America, Australia, and Europe. Many younger investors or families looking for a holiday home are expected to follow this trend as well.

New Construction

As demand for new housing fell dramatically a few years ago, construction of new housing units plummeted from 2.5 million in 2005 to 600,000 in 2012. Construction is expected to start to pick up again in 2012, with an estimated 750,000 units built. This should also have an effect on construction businesses, creating jobs and further stimulating the economy.

The overall forecast for 2013 is bright, according to many real estate professionals. The industry will not enter a new boom period, but it will experience periods of cautious growth creating a more favourable climate for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.

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